Helping your parents cope with change

We get it. Change can be annoying sometimes. But it can be pretty great also. Think of all the changes your parents have seen in their lifetime. The switch from not-cell-phones to cell phones. Blockbuster to Netflix. Is it really so crazy to think there are better ways of making meat?

Here's a couple of big changes your parents might have lived through, to prove they can handle it.

We used to smoke cigarettes... everywhere!
50 years ago
the average American smoked more than 10 cigarettes every day.
Professors would smoke in class, parents would smoke in the car with their kids. It was just...normal. Then we learned about the risks and realized that wasn’t such a good idea. So we changed our ways, and now it feels almost crazy we did! (One day soon, meat from animals is going to feel just as crazy.)
Remember the hole in the Ozone?
In 1985... scientists warned us about a hole in the ozone layer caused by aerosols we were using. Within two years the nations of the world banned the aerosols responsible and we created things that worked better. Your parent’s saw firsthand that we’re capable of big, impactful climate action.
We changed, and we fixed it
The next big important change is
Life is crazy. We all adapt, grow, change. When we encounter a problem, we don't ignore it, but do we give up??
No. We figure it out. We get creative. We find new solutions (and often realize we were missing out). Most importantly, we look back at the “old way” and laugh at how ridiculous it seems
What’s happening right now (this whole existential crisisthing) doesn’t have to happen.
If we look at the facts and make some changes Moms and Dads can make their kids lives even better than theirs.