It’s OK! You can love the planet AND meat

We all love Earth. And we all want to try and protect it. But grilling up some tasty burgers shouldn’t be the end of the world. AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! In the past few years humans have learned how to make really (really really really) really good meat out of plants. And it’s getting better every day. Cows aren’t getting better anytime soon (ever).

Not only is meat from plants absolutely delicious, it’s one of the most impactful ways you can help protect the planet!

NEWS FLASH Cows aren't the only way to make meat!

They aren’t even the best way. When it comes to making food, cows are about as efficient as hopping on a scooter for a cross country roadtrip.

They take up tons of space (literally). They take forever to grow. And they’re wildly inefficient (we feed them 10x the calories they produce.)

All of the cows in the world supply less than 12% of the protein in the human diet, but take up 77% of agricultural space.


That’s why we made Impossible™ Burger - it’s the mouthwatering meat you (and your parents) love, except made from plants. Which means its way less polluting, less resource intensive and causes no deforestation.

And it’s tastyyyyyyy.


What if just once a week, you and your family ate an Impossible Burger instead of a cow burger. If you did this for a year, you would reduce your environmental footprint by

This is how much water you'd save if you and your family ate an impossible Burger Instead of a cow burger once a week for a year.
gallons of water
A land area big enough to support
the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of traveling
passenger-miles in a plane

How to help them switch


We made meat from plants so delicious that people won’t even miss meat from cows. But tasting is believing! So one of the best ways to get your parents on board is by convincing their taste buds! (Plus imagine how much better this conversation would be with food.)

Here’s what you can do

  1. Offer to make dinner.
  2. Make them a delicious, meaty dinner using Impossible™ Burger.
  3. Sit them down. Have a dinner moment.
  4. Talk to them about climate change (using all the facts and tips you now know).
  5. As you’re clearing the table you can casually tell them that the dinner they just enjoyed is how y’all can save the planet...together.
  6. Boom. Instant bonding moment.


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